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Here you will find a compendium of stuff, nonsense, assorted ramblings and other trivia, possibly sprinkled here and there with a seasoning of useful information, and maybe even a little truth.

It contains text and photographs about our many trips through the U.S. and Europe, along with stuff about my other interests, namely computers, software, and photography, and anything else my warped mind decides to write about.

Searching for Ancestors in Virginia - October 2013

Fall Scene in Colonial Williamsburg

My lovely wife, Donnie, signed up for a seminar in genealogy in Williamsburg, Virginia. So, we spent a week in Williamsburg, right near the Colonial Williamsburg historic district. While she was listening to lectures and doing genealogical research, I was exploring and taking pictures. Here are a few. Searching for Ancestors in Virginia

Searching for Chili in the Southwest: The Pictures

Southwestern Scenery

Many more pictures from our journey to the Southwest US. Searching for Chili in the Southwest

Searching for Chili in the Southwest - September 2013

Southwestern Scenery

Donnie and I decided this time to visit the Southwest US. It isn't on a coast, but it was worth the visit anyway. The scenery was breathtaking and the weather was almost perfect. Here is my poorly written, boring, overly wordy, but otherwise Pulitzer-deserving tome about the trip. Searching for Chili in the Southwest

Searching for Cool Places - Summer 2012

Once again we decided to take a coastal road trip. This time we decided on the Northwest coast. We flew to Seattle, and after seeing the city for a few days, rented a car and drove north into Canada to see Victoria and Vancouver, two of our favorite places. Then we drove slowly south, through Washington state, and the Olympic Peninsula, down the coasts of Washington and Oregon, heading inland occasionally to see places like Portland, and Mount St. Helens, and then down the coast of California, all the way to San Simeon, and finally spending a week in San Francisco. We saw many wonderful and beautiful things and places, many of which we had never even heard of before.

Since the temperature back home in New York was in the high 90's, and the temperature on the Northwest coast was in the high 60's, and since we saw many "cool" places, I'm calling this adventure "Searching for Cool Places".

Here are some of the pictures. Searching for Cool Places

Searching for Good Coffee - Fall 2011

Parisian Coffee

In early 2011, we had decided to go to Japan. We booked the flights and all the hotel rooms in Japan for an adventurous trip to both the well-traveled, tourist meccas, as well as some smaller, less well-known places. Then, a few weeks later, the poor Japanese got hit with a triple whammy: an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear meltdown. Feeling guilty, and very sad for the Japanese people, we canceled all our hotel reservations, and our plane reservation, but since the plane tickets were non-refundable, we had to use them to go somewhere, within a year.

Fast forward to Fall 2011. The expiration date for our plane tickets was rapidly approaching, as was Winter, so after much thinking and discussion and arguing and web surfing, trying to figure out where to go, we finally decided to visit two of our favorite places: Paris and Venice. So we did. We had a wonderful time, and almost as importantly, had some really, really, good coffee.

Here are some of the pictures. Searching for Good Coffee

Searching for The Eastern Shoreline - Spring 2011

The two protagonists

Now that we are both retired, we came to the sudden realization that we no longer had to travel during the usual vacation times (Donnie having been a teacher meant that we only traveled when teachers were not working, during the summer and school holidays). This means that we don't have to deal with the crowds and the raised hotel prices. So we decided (actually Donnie decided first, and then "convinced" me) to take a leisurely, slow, unhurried drive down to Florida during the early spring. It was a fascinating experience, and an eye-opener in many ways. We decided not to take the fast superhighway route, but stick to the much more interesting back roads, and then after we were on our way, decided to try and stick to the shoreline as closely as possible on the way down, and take the inland, mountainous route on the way back. To see our route, click Here. We saw many unexpected things, including pretty seacoast towns, beautiful scenic spots, lovely well-preserved old towns, and fantastic museums, many of which we had never heard of. Here are some of the pictures. Searching for The Eastern Shoreline

Searching for Sunshine in the Benelux: The Pictures - September 2010


Many more pictures from our journey to The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Searching for Sunshine in the Benelux

Searching for Sunshine in the Benelux - September 2010

A Windmill

After some warmth in Istanbul, we decided to cool off a bit and head for the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), with a brief side-trip to Germany. The result - we had to search hard for any sunshine at all, but it was wonderful. Searching for Sunshine in the Benelux

Searching for Baklava in the Bazaar: The Pictures - August 2010

The Blue Mosque

Many more pictures from our journey to Istanbul. Searching for Baklava in the Bazaar

Searching for Baklava in the Bazaar - August 2010

The Grand Bazaar

Our World Traveling Duo sets out for Istanbul. Here's an all-too-brief story about the trip and the city, with a few pictures. Searching for Baklava in the Bazaar

A Little Tribute to the Big Apple - June 2010

The Statue of Liberty

Since I haven't updated this website (blog, conglomeration, mess of stuff, whatever you want to call it) in a while, I have decided to add some pictures that aren't new, but comprise a small set of my pictures of New York City. I have quite a few, since we live about 50 miles north of Manhattan and visit there quite often. Here's a small subset. A Little Tribute to the Big Apple

Searching for Poutine in the Provinces - August 2009

Canada Cookies

A mere two weeks after their previous expedition, our intrepid explorers, Jeff and Donnie, set out once again, this time into the wilds of deepest, darkest Canada! Learn more in the gripping story entitled Searching for Poutine in the Provinces

Searching for Pancakes in the Palace: The Pictures - August 2009

St. Petersburg

Here are more pictures from our trip to St. Petersburg, The Netherlands, Mont St. Michel, and Brittany. Searching for Pancakes in the Palace

Searching for Pancakes in the Palace - August 2009

Mont St. Michel

Here is yet another in our never-ending (hopefully) list of travelogues. This time my lovely wife Donnie and I went to St. Petersburg Russia, the Netherlands, Mont St. Michel and Brittany. Here is my long, windy, but possibly fun and interesting journal, with a few pictures. Searching for Pancakes in the Palace

Kung Hei Fat Choi - February 2009

Red Chinese Lanterns

Yesterday morning (Feb 1, 2009) my wife and I, on a whim, decided to go to chinatown in Manhattan, something we do fairly often. This time we went to see the Chinese New Year parade, which I have never been to, and my wife had last seen over 30 years ago. We had lots of fun (and a very good chinese lunch) and I think I got some pretty good pictures.

Shameless Plug - Jan 2009

Old bellows camera

I am taking this opportunity to plug my serious photography web site here. If you are interested in my better photographs, click here.

Shameful Plug - Jan 2009


This is a plug for my iPhone applications. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and are interested in applications for storing secret information, such as passwords and credit card details, or have a need for a very powerful application for storing notes, click here.

Searching for Croissants in the Sun - August 2008

Table in a Cafe

During the summer of 2008, my wife and I went to the south of France, to visit relatives, to sightsee, to eat French food, and to take lots of pictures. Here are a few of them.

News! The pictures are now available in book form. Here is a preview of the book for your viewing...

Croissants in the Sun by Jeff K. Kravitz | Make Your Own Book

Literature - December 2007

Drawing of an old book

An entirely new form of Literature.

Opinions - September 2007

Picture of the Eiffel Tower Plaza

My scribblings on what I consider to be "the best"..

Computers/History - September 2007

Picture of Japanese Abacus

A bunch of stories about my early days as a programmer and the interesting computer systems and programs I worked with, called Confessions of an Antediluvian Geek.

Part One - The Beginning
Part Two - The Aroma of Programming
Part Three - The Bare Metal
Part Four - Blip... Blip... Blip...
Part Five - BrontoDOS

Searching for Castles in the Mist - July 2007

Picture of Castle

Our first attempt at information, humor, and just a bit of silliness is about a recent trip to Bonnie Scotland and northern England, entitled Searching for Castles in the Mist.

Part One - Getting There is half the Fun!
Part Two - Scottish Weather, Scottish Pubs, and Scottish Food
Part Three - Scottish Drink, and Driving in the U.K.
Part Four - Place Names in Scotland, Castles in Scotland, Flora and Fauna
Part Five - The Scots, Shopping In Scotland, The Places we Visited