About Me

My name is Jeff Kravitz. I am not a professional photographer, but I wish I was.

I have been using cameras since I was very young - many decades ago, alas - but I became more serious about photography in the early 70's. I did mostly black and white photography for about 20 years, and did wet darkroom work for about the same time. I really loved the experience of watching a beautiful black and white print appear in the developing tray.

I'm retired now, but my day-job was working for the research division of a very, very large computer company (which will remain nameless), working in the area of computer security research. I worked there for almost 30 years, and, most amazingly, I worked with computers for around 40 years! Yes, I'm an old dude. Here's a picture...

Picture of The Author

Photo by D. Kravitz

For the last several decades my wonderful wife and I have been world travelers, visiting over 50 countries, many more than once. Most of the articles on this website describe our journeys, or - at least - show some pictures from the places we have been.

The best pictures I reserve for my Fine Art Photography web site, which is here.

If you want to communicate with me, please send me an email.