Searching for the Vikings

Saturday, September 9 - Day 1 AC (After Cruise): Boston Massachusetts and Home

I won’t bother boring you with the disembarkation details. Suffice it to say that it went reasonably well, if not exactly how the documents given us said it was supposed to go. Eventually we got outside the terminal building, dragging our four heavy suitcases behind us, fortunately on wheels, waited in a relatively short line for a cab and subsequently got to the car rental building at the airport. We picked up a rental car, manhandled the same heavy suitcases into the trunk (we picked a big full-size car with a huge trunk, which just barely held the suitcases) and started the four hour drive home. It was uneventful except for one event that, in a way, was almost as thrilling as many of the great things we did on the cruise.

We happened to be taking a route that took us very close to Frank Pepe’s pizza in Danbury Connecticut. Yay! Frank Pepe’s is our favorite pizza, even though it is about forty minutes away from our house. The original Frank Pepe’s, in New Haven, CT, is considered by many to be the best pizza in the country. We agree. The branch in Danbury is just about as good. We had really, really good pizza, with the best Italian sausage ever on it, for lunch. Our 38-day decent-pizza dry spell has ended.